Frequently Asked Questions

How are contractors chosen for inclusion on this list?
Each contractor is personally invited by Blair Gilbert. He knows each by name and is familiar with their work quality, knowledge, and professionalism.

Are all recommended contractors licensed and insured?
Many are licensed but some are not because their type of work doesn’t require it. Many are insured, as well, but we always recommend that you ask the contractor.

What areas do your contractors service?
Each contractor’s service area is slightly different, but most cover all of Macomb County and good portions of Wayne and Oakland counties. 

Who will be doing the work on my project?
Each professional is an independent contractor and solely responsible for your project. They are experts in their field and use Gilbert’s Contractors LLC (GCLLC) for referrals.

Is Gilbert’s Contractors LLC the general contractor?
No, GCLLC is only a referral service.

What happens if the contractor doesn’t perform the complete job?
If you feel a contractor has not been true to their word or not completed your job properly, please contact them first. If they don’t come through, we’ll attempt to help settle the issue on your behalf. We won’t list any contractor that fails to perform as contracted.

Does Gilbert’s Contractors LLC have ownership interest in any of the contracting companies?
No, no one at Gilbert’s Hardware or GCLLC has any financial interest in the companies or contractors GCLLC refers.